Friday, April 23, 2010

No one appreciates a good appropriation like me. Everything old is new again.
A good case in point is "Kick-Ass".

"Hit-Girl"..... my fave !

Quentin Terrantino has been "sampled" more than any contemporary director I can think of...and usually not successfully. However, director Mathew Vaughn does a great job of creating an intellectually stimulating ass kicking superhero movie...think Kill Bill meets Peter Parker meets the Powder Puff Girls.

Aaron Johnson (Kick-Ass) does an OK job as your anxiety ridden teen just trying to do some good, but, it is Chloe Moretz as Hit-Girl that not only plays the most obvious homage to Quentin and "Kill Bill" (GoGo Yubari, Lusy Liu's sidekick) but, creates a truly unique super heroine to add to the canon of movie superfolks. Not too mention... Nicolas Cage is in the movie!
.....good stuff.Check it out!

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