Friday, February 22, 2013

The Trip, Jerusalem !

Greetings and Salutations! it has been quite awhile since my last post, but, I hope to get things going again and invite friends and family to follow along on my trip to Jerusalem. I am here as a guest artist for the State Department. To be specific, the Consulate General of Jerusalem has asked me to share the story of Martin Luther King during the Birmingham, Alabama civil rights campaign. It was where he wrote his "Letter From A Birmingham Jail' arguably the best essay ever written on the application of Non-Violent Direct Action a process that undoubtly moved the civil rights movement along and help to galvanize the country on a path of true equality.

Over the next 7 days I will be going throughout the West Bank, East Jerusalem, Bethlehem...and other amazing places to perform a piece written by me and directed by David Ford. I will be performing and doing theatre workshop with Palestinian High School and University students as well as various peace groups....what an amazing journey!...I will keep you posted!

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